A ServerSync must be running on your CRUSHTM Server for CRUSHTM to startup. Make sure your server is powered up, find the ServerSync Icon on the Server Desktop and launch it (click it to start ServerSync). Once ServerSync is running try to start CRUSHTM on your workstation again.

A From the Main Menu in CRUSHTM select Configuration. Then select the Inventory tab and click the NMVTIS EXPORT button. Find the FTP USER NAME and FTP PASSWORD. Then click this link SECUREFTP.VERISK.COM, type in the FTP USER NAME and FTP PASSWORD you just found in CRUSHTM and check the dates on the files to make sure you are submitting.

FAQ's - Point of Sale

A Shift Begin: TO BEGIN A SHIFT, count all coins and bills in drawer and record the quantities of each. Once you’ve recorded the cash in your drawer, click the ACCEPT button and keep the shift begin receipt.
A Shift End: When you are finished with your shift and ready to close, click the SHIFT END button. You will be asked to do a CASH DROP first. By dropping positive cash before counting the remaining balance in your drawer, you will be able to determine if the drawer is over or short based on what is left after dropping positive sales. Be sure to drop the entire recommended drop amount, so that the overage or shortage shown is accurate. Take the cash for the drop out of the drawer so you don’t it twice. After the cash for positive sales has been dropped, the balance in the drawer should match the beginning balance. Any overage or shortage shown is the actual overage or shortage.

A If your credit card terminal stops working try to power cycle it. There are 2 ways to power cycle your terminal.
  • 1) Push and Hold down the # KEY and the YELLOW KEY at the same time, after about 2 seconds the terminal will begin to power cycle and you can let go of the keys. It should power back up within about a minute.
  • 2) Unplug the power cable, wait for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Give it a couple of minutes to come back up before trying it again.

FAQ's - Inventory/Purchasing

A Open the Office Manager module in CRUSH. Click on the UTILITIES tab at the top of the screen. Click UNCRUSH, then enter the vehicle stock number, and hit the uncrush button. The vehicle will be put in the location it was in prior to crushing. *This permission should only be given to managers.

A Open the Office Manager module in CRUSHTM. Click on the UTILITIES tab at the top of the screen. Select either the check or PIN button, enter the check number or PIN and delete the payment. *This permission should only be given to managers.

A With the record open, click on either the SAVE PENDING or EDIT FINAL button to make changes to a vehicle record. If the EDIT FINAL button is greyed out, the employee does not have sufficient permission to edit finalized vehicles. Once the changes have been made, be sure to click SAVE FINAL again to save changes.

FAQ's - Cash Dispenser

A Check all bill cassettes to make sure they have enough bills to dispense and check to make sure there are no bill jams.

FAQ's - Reporting

A Under Standard Reports select the report you would like sent automatically via email. Select the OPEN SCHEDULER button.
Configure the following options:
  • 2) Under EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT WILL RECEIVE THE REPORT, click the EDIT button to add/edit/delete the email addresses you would like to receive the emails.
  • 3) Select the REPORT FORMAT, PDF or Excel.
Click the SAVE NEW SCHEDULE button to save your changed.
Note: Any report under the Standard Reports can be scheduled to send to your email automatically. Reports under Office Manager cannot be scheduled to send automatically.

FAQ's - Juniper Mesa 2 Tablet

  • 1) Connect tablet to your LAN via Wi-Fi Connection.

  • 2) Make sure Crush is not running and Update Windows on the Tablet. Reboot after the update and run the Windows Updates again. Do this until no more updates are available. Reboot.

  • 3) Now you should be able to open CRUSHTM.

  • 1) Close CRUSHTM.

  • 2) Put the tablet in Airplane (Roaming Mode).

  • 3) Open CRUSHTM and login as Admin User.

  • 4) Select Scanner Function (Crush, Move, Reconcile, Process, etc.)

  • 5) Scan vehicles.

  • 6) Close CRUSHTM, connect the tablet to the LAN via Wi-Fi or docking station and then open CRUSHTM and Upload Data.
Hint Keep the tablet on the Network while idol and allow it to take windows updates and charge automatically.

FAQ's - Interchange

A Find the vehicle in the Inventory Module of CRUSH. Click on it to bring it into the active VEHICLE screen. Click on the SUMMARY tab to view the current Interchange make and model under the INTERCHANGE LINK section. Save the vehicle as Pending (or click EDIT FINAL) to change the link. Click the AUTO ENCODE tab and select the correct make and model. Save the vehicle as FINAL again.

A Mitsubishi does not participate in the Hollander Interchange.

FAQ's - Equipment

Part Number: 10011689
Product Line: Zebra PolyPro 4000T Parts
Description: PolyPro 4000T (3.00 Inch x 2.00 Inch, 2230/Roll, 4 Rolls/Case)
Part Number for case of 6 Rolls: Zebra 03200BK10245
4.02" Performance Wax/Resin Ribbon
Part Specifications:
  • Color: Black
  • # of Rolls: 6
  • Ribbon Width: 4.02 in.
  • Ribbon Height: 1,476 ft.
  • Print Method: Thermal Transfer
  • Ribbon Type: Wax and Resin

FAQ's - Accounting

A Kallie Sargetakis - Assistant Corporate Controller
Kallie Sargetakis
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